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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 9, 2011 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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9-0 run for miami and a four-point heat lead. barea, the drive. nowitzki spinning. nice fake and draws the foul. and he'll go to the line with 4:23 remaining. dallas down by four. >> jeff: running the same pick and roll. jason kidd late. good screen. dwyane wade in his career has really, really improved. his three-point shooting act. >> mark: we haven't given enough credit to dwyane wade. here is a guy that was in the locker room. you can pump up a lot of guys and say, hey, he's really not hurt. he was in the locker room. came out here and laid it on the line for his team. outstanding job in a much needed situation. >> mike: we've seen the toughness from dirk nowitzki. now seeing it from wade.
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nowitzki from the line 10 for 10. he's got 27. two-point game. looks like we're going right down to the wire for the fourth straight game. >> mark: i like jason terry in the game closing out ball games. up need his offense. >> mike: marion on wade now. good help from chandler. james. pass deflected. in the back court. still miami ball, but just four to shoot. >> jeff: they ran this at the end of the first quarter where they threw it -- second quarter where they threw it deep into lebron james. >> mark: that's why if i'm jason terry i'm in front of lebron james. >> mike: bosh lost the ball. picked up by kidd. under four minutes remaining. right back to nowitzki. pass goes through. wanted to get it to chandler. and nowitzki explaining to him. not happy about it, obviously, as the mavericks turn it over
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for the 11th time. only their second one here in the fourth quarter. chandler so good at helping. doesn't get back as bosh puts it up and draws the foul. once again, wade, distributing very well. that's three on chandler. >> mark: that's great team passing. not just wade. and on this end, dirk trying to hit a cutting tyson chandler. frustrated. sometimes you've got to try to encourage your guys say, my fault, my fault. even though you know it was his fault. >> mike: big free throws now. bosh short. finals will continue sunday, game six in miami. tipoff shortly after 8:00 eastern. and then if necessary, a game seven tuesday in miami, as well.
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tipoff shortly after nine. 1 for 2 from bosh. and for the first time in these finals, someone's cracked the 100-point mark. shooting percentages extraordinary tonight. 56 for miami. 56 for dallas. terry, wide open for three -- bang! tie game, with 3:20 to play. >> mark: that's why you have jason terry on the floor. he's a big shot maker and taker. >> mike: 11 of 17 from downtown. that's dallas here in game five. bosh and wade. kidd is on james. james on the pullup -- short. chandler, the rebound. miami has dominated the boards tonight.
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plus-12. but a big board there for chandler. noah wit ski, quick move and the finish! >> jeff: and jason terry down here, another good play on offense. he's got to block mike miller out. mike miller's an offensive rebounder. >> mike: crossover from wade. inside to james -- offensive foul! chapder will st er wi chandler steps in and draws the charge. >> mark: how about the play by tyson chandler? putting himself in position to take the charge, that right foot on the restricted line, but -- passion and energy by the mavs. and dirk nowitzki, we watch it time and time again. catching on the move, finishing at the rim. >> jeff: and mike, that was a legal position down there, though his foot was on the restricted line, because james caught it within the lower defensive box.
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>> mike: marion. tough shot -- falling away, ball batted and picked up by wade. as we come up on two minutes remaining. >> mark: tyson chandler has to catch and attack the rim in that situation. >> mike: james scoreless in the fourth quarter. he has four assists. the ball is deflected out of bounds. he did not have a point in the fourth quarter in game four. he's 0 for 2 here in the fourth quarter tonight. >> mark: that's really not fair. he missed a jump shot. but the mavericks are double-teaming lebron james. >> mike: and he's got, as we said, four assists, three rebounds in the period. james cements for three -- off the mark. rebound, marion. under two minutes remaining. dallas up by two. >> jeff: they've got to keep playing fast. >> mike: nowitzki trying to get free. shot clock at five. terry the drive. out to kidd -- kidd for three -- it's good!
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membership rewards points from american express. they're a social currency. with endless possibilities. >> mike: a 10-1 mavericks run. and with 1:26 remaining in the fourth, dallas with a five-point lead. big buckets down the stretch again here in the fourth quarter. >> mark: and jason terry has figured it out. how about the pass, on-point to jason kidd? kidd knocks down the shot. this is an incredible pass by jason terry. a tough, tough read, puts it on point, on target, and kidd does the rest. this is a play we talked about, coach. jason terry could not make it years ago. >> jeff: that isn't the only good play he made. he made the play earlier to nowitzki where he got the drive
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and dunk. he is making some outstanding passes. >> mike: and the miami heat during the regular season has trouble closing out games. it changed in the playoffs against boston and chicago. but they're having the same problem against dallas in game two. they had a 15-point lead with 6:20 to go and lost. game three, though they won it, they blew a 13-point lead. game four, they were down nine. or dallas was down nine and won it. >> mark: long ball will keep you in ball games. dallas mavericks 12 of 18 from three-point land. >> mike: wade lost the ball. marion ahead of the pack. marion misses the layup. and miller, the rebound. >> jeff: i thought he would have been better off pulling that ball out. >> mike: wade, blocked by chandler! still heat ball. second rejection for chandler. he's made some big defensive plays here in the fourth. >> mark: good job by chandler 
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this is how you help. outstanding job of cutting off the driving lane and coming one the blocked shot. >> mike: one minute remaining. james. trying to draw a foul. gets it out to bosh. bosh, the drive -- layup -- no good, but a foul. and bosh will go to the line. chandler's fourth personal. >> mark: that last play with shawn marion, he doesn't get the layup in transition, if i'm jason terry, i wish i had it back. i would have pushed the basketball, control and make the proper decision and scenario, pull it out. >> jeff: it was lebron james that was back. that's his forte, is to block and disrupt transition plays. this is just a tough position to put marion in. he shot that ball with, like, 21
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on the shot clock. you pull it out. >> mike: meanwhile, bosh, 19 points, 10 rebounds. he's 7 of 8 from the line. he's hit some big free throws in the playoffs -- that one misses. and nowitzki with the rebound. four-point mavericks lead. final minute, game five. terry to kidd. nowitzki wants the ball. haslem again. excellent ball denial. terry, a long three -- bang! jason terry gives the mavericks a seven-point lead with 33 seconds remaining!
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>> mike: nba finals continue sunday night on abc. game six from miami. tipoff shortly after 8:00. can dallas hold on and take a 3-2 series lead with the final two games coming up in miami? jason terry, another big fourth quarter. >> mark: somebody please tele bron james the rules. hand down, man down. jason terry, i thought you wasn't going to do the jet until you win it all.
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but he's earned the right to do it the way he's played on the offensive end. you go ahead and take off. >> jeff: this is one of the best finals games i have ever seen. >> mike: both teams making big plays. james now on the drive. trying to get to the little -- lays it up and in. five-point game. that's his first points of the fourth quarter. and a reach-in foul. and jason kidd will go to the free-throw line for the first time tonight. really, dallas hits their free throws, they're going to move on and win. they start missing those free throws, it will open the door. erik spoelstra's team fought back and they went up by four with 4:30 to go. but the heat unable to close. and another fourth quarter run from the mavericks. >> mark: one thing i do know about jason kidd, he's not afraid of the moment. he's not nervous or scared. he's been here and done that.
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>> mike: back up to six. a two-possession game. >> jeff: his demeanor never changes. it's going great for him, he didn't score in the last game, can you never tell. >> mike: two clutch free throws. and that makes it a three-possession game. 25.3 seconds remaining. dallas on the verge of taking a 3-2 lead in the nba finals.
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>> jeff: jason terry's made good plays all night. double-team and the pick and roll, simple bounce pass to nowitzki. and then passing across his body, drawing four defenders, skips it right on target to kidd for the three. and then, late in the shot clock, the dagger three from de deep. >> mike: miami really needs to put up threes. >> jeff: there's no doubt. they need to get as quick as three as possible. >> mike: wade nearly banks it in. terry, the rebound, and he's fouled by miller. and they are starting to celebrate here at the american airlines center. terry, 19 points and six assists. dirk nowitzki, 29 more points. and clutch free throw shooting. they are 10 of 11 from the free-throw line here in the
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fourth quarter. >> mark: here's the great thing. if you are a dallas mavericks fan, this is the very last time that you're going to be able to show this team how much you appreciate them. how proud you are of them. win, lose or draw, the next two games in miami, this team has flat-out deserved the recognition and the applause of everyone. >> mike: this building has been rocking all night long. now, remember last year in the nba finals, the celtics won game five, went up 3-2 going to l.a., but lost game six and seven on the road. as the lakers won another championship. but this is a dallas team that has been amazing on the road. they have won 6 of their last 7 road games in these playoffs. and the lead, the largest of the night. bosh, shot won't go. terry the rebound, and the mavericks will take a 3-2 lead in the nba finals. they hand the miami heat back-to-back losses for the first time in the playoffs. what a performance from the veteran dallas mavericks.
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dirk nowitzki, now one win away from his first nba championship. nowitzki and the mavericks will have to do it on the road. terry and barea, huge games. one of those total team efforts. tyson chandler with big defensive plays, as well. but terry hit the big shots and he's with doris burke. >> doris: jason, even after struggling in games one and three, you were not shy about saying you would deliver. what made you so confident? >> my faith in god, you know, to god be the glory. he gives me all the strength to go out here and perform. >> doris: midway through this period, you gave up a 9-0 run. you answered that with a
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double-digit run of your own. what is the measure of the resolve of this team to win a championship? >> we're a very resilient team. we've been in tough battles all playoffs long. it's not going to stop. it's going to get harder. but we're ready. we're determined. and this is our time. >> doris: you've been you dirk about bringing out the jet. how were you feeling? >> i felt great. i was in rhythm tonight. i came out aggressive. something we have to continue to do. we're not happy with our defensive performance, but offensively, if we score 100, i told you what will happen. >> doris: how do you win a game in miami? >> we want to get the first one. >> doris: congratulations. mike? >> mike: a 17-4 run. dallas does it again. they're the team that is owning the fourth quarter here in these nba finals, and what a riveting series this has been. miami suffering their first two-game losing streak of the
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playoffs. and now dallas one win away from the franchise's first nba championship. but they'll have to do it on the road against a miami heat team who can't wait to get home. dirk nowitzki the winner of our player of the game vote. thanks for voting. be sure to tune into game six sunday night from miami. tipoff shortly after 8:00 eastern, where you get a chance to vote again. nowitzki with 29 more points and perfect from the free-throw line. the teams will travel tomorrow. miami will leave tonight. and game six sunday night from american airlines arena in miami. you see the tipoff, little bit early. "buick regal nba countdown" kicks off our coverage at 7:30 eastern. tipoff shortly after 8:00. another incredible game in these 2011 nba finals, as dallas defeats miami, 112-103, to take
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a 3-2 series lead. for mark jackson, jeff van gundy, doris burke, our abc crew, this is mike breen saying so long from dallas. stay tuned, your late local news, "nightline" and "jimmy kimmel live." thanks for watching abc, home of the nba finals. >> dallas has its first lead. the title is one win away. but miami will not go quietly on its home floor. the series moves to its final stage. game six, sunday. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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captioned by the national captioning institute triple digit heat. then the skies opened up. is word of a break. but we all still have to cope with the heat. it felt hotter than 102 today. heat up between school leaders when a crack down on bad behavior goes too far. >> plus a man's exodus that has
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left the presidential campaign to life. deeper in your wallet. some drivers are speaking out about price hikes. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 at 11:00, on your side. >> it is thursday night. the big story is that finally a break in the oppressive is headed our way. the temperature at reagan national hit 103 today. the last time this happened? 1874. the official temperature was measured downtown. tonight, rain, lightning, and thunder rolled in. been hard for some areas. not everyone saw it. storms that did move and are signaling changes our way. have team coverage of this. we are live with us some escape the heat. but first, meteorologist steve is in the weather center.
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a severe thunderstorm warning effect for another so.minutes or off to our live doppler radar. you can see where the storms are across prince william .ounty skies are beginning to ease a bit as the storm moves around 20 mpht at county, and eventually southern prince george's. as the district is concerned, in arlington and alexandria, the storms will to the south for the next to an hour or so. an additional storm beginning to develop to the northwest. we will talk about that, plus a of a cool down on the way. you win in just a few minutes. >> we will take it. tonight storms are a welcome some, but others are out as we go into midnight. frightening for waldorf,ents in
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maryland. two dozen kids became sick from while they were attending a game.ll we continue team coverage from clarendon with a look at how people are coping. good evening. at times today, it felt like being boiled or basted, you pick. it has definitely cooled down. it is more comfortable now. took a lot of suffering to get to this point. is stillve shade, it hot. if you get out in the sun, it is brutal. for musician allen phelps, this misery- inducing day of oppressive heat in old town alexandria is slower he would like. i wish it would cool off. it is not helping at all. that is for sure. in this district district -- this is the district, the parks
11:57 pm
are empty. the mercury hovering near 100, most residents are heating advisory warnings and staying inside. he hits, there is no down here. people scurry for cover. police and firefighters to calls for help cannot avoid the elements. they adjust with brakes, electrolytes, and a cooling on wheels. >> we get them cool down. then they get back out on the ground. >> the department has what is a we have bus, where responders can before returning to duty. that has been our best friend, especially this summer. it feels much better now outside. look west behind our camera, we see what appears to be thunderstorm activity, hoping bring may be some showers and relief. live in arlington, abc 7 news. >> a quick note about tomorrow
11:58 pm
morning. because of the heat, people who up trash in the it out should put tonight. the crews are going to try to heat by beginning collection at 6:00 a.m. they are trying to put cars the right track. working0 cars has no air-conditioning. is better than last year, cars had no air- conditioning. inone in being the oven tonight. half of the nation is dealing with this heat wave, from new chicago and into the south. schools were closed. people rushed to the hospital heat illnesses. at least seven deaths are being on the weather. rain moving to the northeast and is bringing temperatures down. you can get the latest temperature and storm on
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click on the weather page and click out -- check out our radar. a hot potato for local school systems. a zero tolerance policy to crack behavior had some parents fuming. at a packed meeting, they said thought abouthey the policy. more on that debate. >> tonight before the boat, keeping kids for schools, not kicking them out. parents supporting looser fairfax countyd overreacting, by transferring students accused of even minor transgressions. >> we are concerned about the schoolade in district. sure our kidse are treated fairly. her nephew killed himself of other students were expelled for purchasing drugs. the family says even though the legal, he should not
12:00 am
have bought it. but the discipline went too far. >> he made a mistake which he mistake ofe biggest his life. for possibly two months, he was kept out of school. fix this and other problems or our community will find leaders who will. >> the superintendent says new are already in place to give principals more flexibility. >> other places in virginia required tore recommend expulsion -- kids are losing education completely. >> parents, students, and the newwho pushed for be ay say the party must helping children in not transferring them out. >> critics of the policy say all students supper when even one -- misbehaves. but supporters say it was time have mores to when it comes to student discipline. in falls church, abc 7 news.
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it is a big blow to his 2012 election hopes. the entire top echelon of newt gingrich's presidential campaign has quit. the campaign manager and other senior aides resigned this afternoon. they cited campaign differences. reports these the formerame after took a of the house vacation. say it sent a message not serious. newt gingrich says he is still running for president. anthony wiener says he is to down andis not going making amends after him admitted he posted lewd photos online. his second wife appears to be doing the same. is traveling overseas as a top aide to secretary of state hillary clinton. still ahead, mccormacks how it would get
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done --t track work how itakes changes in track workmportant on the weekend. apple is taking a bite out of stop criminals. >> and big toll increases throughout maryland. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage. [ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go. in sioux falls, i locked in a rate. coach, you get that house yet? working on it. [ coach ] the appraisal? ...springfield. wherever i was, my citi mortgage consultant had me covered. [ crowd cheering ] and 500 miles from home... [ cheering, cellphone beeps ] ...we finally had a new home. [ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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talk about a major toll hike in maryland. expressingeople are to forkving of more call money on top prices. the transportation authority crossto charge more to bridge and tunnel. that drove some people to a about the matter. then i saw has more. -- ben eisler has more. it is a new tax, and we do them.ed >> the polls have given
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-- road rage.ays they expressed their displeasure at a public hearing. i am not thinking about beach, andapeake virginia beach instead. on the chesapeake bay bridge, from two -- from $5, and $8 in 2013. ofmy county has 60% the bays go across for work. >> there is an argument it will preventthe economy and familyfrom seeing the we do not know how to cut in the state. polls on the mckinny and -- tunnels most also rise. this woman commutes every day for work. i cannot afford it. some blame the legislature siphoning the transportation fund. is a way to use the people's


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